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Contribute to the Arts.

The arts are essential in driving our economy, enhancing quality of life, improving youth development, providing healing and connection, bridging differences, and sparking innovation. Please join us in supporting our ongoing work to sustain the arts sector. We encourage you to make a recurring gift, but we are very appreciative of any type of support.

What does your gift mean to an arts organization?

Your gift to Meridian Council for the Arts nurtures small community-based arts organizations and artists that create the seeds for new initiatives and lend stability to the overall arts landscape. When you experience the arts in Meridian, you take a deep dive into the heart and soul of our city. Meridian boasts a diverse array of arts organizations, that each make a lasting impact. Every dollar you donate helps support local arts groups, school art programs, and artists providing art experiences in every zip code in Meridian and Lauderdale County.

Holiday Gifts & Memories

A gift to Meridian Council for the Arts in memory or honor of a loved one is a special way to pay tribute to that individual while supporting the arts across our community. When you make a tribute gift, please include the name of the person(s) being honored or remembered, and contact information and we will send a personalized card to the appropriate person(s) to notify them of your generous contribution. 

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